1. Winter Event Transportation

    Winter Event Transportation When you have an important event to get to, you don’t want to worry about parking, traffic and weather. The Holiday Season is one to be enjoyed, don’t let the stress of getting around bring you down.  You have so many events to go to and with the weather getting colder and more unpredictable, why stress about driving yourself? Let a professional driver from ICS Lim…Read More

  2. Tips To Renting A Limo

    Many people think that renting a limo is easy. You know you need one, so you check the phonebook (or google) and find a limo service near you. How do you know that they are going to give you a good price? Is a standard limousine what you really need to get your party to the event? There is so much more to renting a limo… Type of event Are you planning on going to a wedding or a night out on the …Read More

  3. Who Needs A Limo Service?

    In our last blog, we talked about some of the many reasons why someone would want or need to hire a limo service. In this blog, we would like to take the time to go over some of the kinds of people that you will find renting a limo more than the regular Joes out there. Politicians/Business People If you are a famous personality, chances are that you will be arriving in style no matter where you go…Read More

  4. Why Rent A Limo?

    When we were younger, every time we saw a limo drive by we either stared at it or we called out so that everyone would see it too. Their shiny exteriors and tinted windows made them a mystery. Imagining who was in there was always a fun game to play in the car. Is it someone famous? Maybe some kids going to prom? Either way, being in a limo is a sure fire way to get you noticed. But what are the t…Read More