Christmas 2015?winter fall

Tis the season to be jolly! ♫FaLaLaLaLaWAIT! … Christmas 2015? But Halloween isn’t even over?  What about Thanksgiving? What about the fabulous fall decorations I so love? Are we in danger of losing our Thanksgiving and Fall Harvest tradition?  As we focus on the Christmas season do we lose some of the enjoyment of the season we are in?

So every year you hear the story that we are talking about Christmas sooner and sooner.  It was the beginning of October that I realized I had been hearing about the Christmas Season and seeing Christmas decorations while shopping.  Even as you walked through our box stores and department stores you may have noticed that summer was barely over and the Christmas decorations were beside the Fall Decorations.

Okay, Okay, I can see the appeal and appreciate the excitement of this much anticipated season.  We prepare, we imagine the family times together, and we organize and strategize family trips and dinners.  Some families that are spread apart need the time to prepare and book flights and give notice at work for your scheduled time-off.

I really feel that we are losing something in this rush to look forward, what about the enjoyment and appreciation of the present.  Let’s put the focus on our current, present daily lives, show thankfulness for all the things that we are given.  Appreciate the beautiful fall colors, decorate your pumpkins, buy your squash, decorated your fall-themed porch.  Live today to your fullest! Enjoy and appreciate all you are given today.