Virginia is not just popular for having wonderful shorelines and chronicled landmarks; nightlife in Virginia Beach is likewise flourishing. The nightlife transmits the vibe of the coastal city, and a novel taste of the eastern coast. Extending along the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is a famous destination amid the hottest time of the year.

Tourists are invited to experience a wide assortment of fun-activities including surfing, gliding, fishing, partying and discovering the numerous historical centers in the city. The real experience does not stop at the shore. Just inches far from the coastal edge, there are a portion of the most happening clubs in the strip. Look at the rundown of 3 Virginia Beach Nightlife spots that you can explore with your friends, as you get on the bachelor party bus in Virginia for a party ride.

Guadalajara Town Center

Want to experience the best of nightlife in Virginia Beach with some great dose of music and booze? The Guadalajara Town Centre is the place to be for some of the hottest partying actions taking place in the strip, with people from various corners of the state and origins. The local DJs make the night hotter and young as they shuffle the tracks to make your body groove to the tunes, and not to overlook the delicious Mexican cuisine on offer.

Known by the nickname of Guads, this club has a wonderful setting with a fashionable décor, and it requires you to be in a dress code. You’ll be spoilt for choice with availability of 3 bars offering a wide selection of cocktails and mixed drinks. The spacious dance floor awaits you to show off your moves in Latin and hip-hop style. And, don’t be surprised to catch some local celebrities and personalities unwinding themselves in their own unique styles.

Tropicana Restaurant and Lounge

Spice up your night with some Latin flavor as you check into this dancing and dining spot in the Hampton Roads. Every week, the Tropicana brings together the best of reggaeton, bachata, meringue and salsa dancers to come and perform in their distinctive styles. Adding a unique taste to the nightlife in Virginia Beach, this lounge has a great selection of cuisine, and plays a mixture of cumbia music as well.

The spot is located just a short stride from the boardwalk and waterfront, which gives it an ideal setting to attract tourists from all over the state. Live music bands fill the space with melody, while the national and local Latin dancers entertain you with their turns and moves. Step into an aura of classical Latin theme, as you unfold your nerves for a relaxing evening in the coastal strip.

Peabody’s Virginia Beach

Known to be one of the oldest nightclubs in the coastal strip of Virginia Beach, this buzzing spot is famous for hosting some of the most hardcore night parties that are sure to make you dance until you break the floor. It has the area’s biggest dance floor with local DJs who spin the web of their musical mania with some top chart symphonies that will keep your foot tapping even in a still mode.

There are various contests and special events hosted by local celebrities every weekend, and a laid-back atmosphere to experience the night getting young with shades. If you have a valid college ID, you can sneak free-of-cost into the Peabody’s on Fridays, which are usually College Nights. Big screen LCD televisions are also placed to enjoy live sports action, as you unwind yourself with a friendly pool game. The club opens at 7 PM and stays awake till 2 in the morning!